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NCF set to make new memories for Crop Over 2018

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Madam Chair

Chairman of the Board of the NCF, Ms. Maureen Graham welcoming the guests at the Bariffle of Sounds, Sights & Flavours on Friday, February 16, 2018

On Friday, February 16, 2018 some of the Most Valuable Partners (MVPs) and potential partners were hosted at an invitation only reception held at St. Ann’s Fort.  They were invited by the Board and Management of the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) as an expression of sincere gratitude for their continued commitment to the Barbados Crop Over Festival and to spark additional interest in the diverse products that constitute this magnificent Festival brand.

In her welcome remarks to the some 150 guests on hand at the event, the Chairman of the Board of the NCF, Ms. Maureen Graham termed this partnership on the Crop Over journey as a rewarding investment in the ‘culturescape’, that will reap dividends for Corporate Barbados not only financially, but through an unparalleled measure of goodwill.  She said that their investment ensures that the Foundation can deliver on its promise of an experience that drives the memories on which the festival’s image was built.

CEO and Argentine Ambassador

Chief Executive Officer of the NCF Mr. Cranston Browne sharing a light moment with His Excellency Gustavo Martinez Pandiani, Ambassador of Argentina

This year’s themed focus will be centred on the memories – the ties that bind these uniquely packaged 2018 Crop Over experiences together.  Memories of the plans made; the events and music enjoyed; the competitions and prizes won; the camaraderie with friends – you name it, from staff, to patrons, to partners, to all levels of stakeholders – they all have sweet memories of this festival that keep them wanting more.

Ms. Graham told the Crop Over MVPs that, “Creating a memorable experience is everything, it is certainly a deciding factor for repeat visitors… and if you follow the reports of the international journalists who cover this festival, the tone and language always surrounds the experience, with words like unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime, thoroughly worth it and the most anticipated time of the year.”  It is that positive experience that ensures Crop Over’s brand positioning among the best festivals, with carnival ratings in the top 5 across the region and the world.

Cultural Ambassador for Barbados

Barbados’ new Cultural Ambassador and 2018 Sweet Soca Monarch serenaded the audience to close the event

The NCF Chairman noted that the Journalists’ stories connect more with the masquerade aspects as carnival goers, but as the slogan says, Crop Over is so much more than just a carnival.  One of the NCF’s major hurdles is maintaining that same quality experience and brand positioning in an environment of decreasing budgets.  However, through a strong mix of partnerships with corporate entities, collaborations with promoters and community organisations, and its ability to maximise on limited resources both human and financial, the Foundation will ensure that its sponsor’s investment works to deliver a fantastic entertainment product befitting of more moments to cherish and to write about in its blend of Heritage, Visual Arts, Pan, Calypso and Masquerade.

The memories that the sponsor’s investment helps to create are a part of the heartbeat of the festival, which in turn also makes the sponsors a part of the heartbeat of the festival and a key component to its success.

The reception tagged a Bariffle of Sounds, Sights & Flavours treated guests to an interactive floor show event, taking them on a journey from the arrival of the English and Africans straight through to the colours of Grand Kadooment, leaving them with their first enjoyable memories of the 2018 Barbados Crop Over Festival.