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Exec. Producer NCF and Entertainers Launch CD

CD Launch at Tiami Dockside

Responding to questions at the CD launch for the remake of the song ‘Barbados My Island of Dreams’ – (r to l) Cranston Browne, CEO, National Cultural Foundation; members of the trio, entertainers Smokey Burke and Colin Spencer; and NCF Corporate Communications Specialist, Simone Codrington. Missing is entertainer Ian Webster, who was unable to attend.

Around noon today, Friday March 11, executive producer, the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) and entertainers Smokey Burke and Colin Spencer launched their remake of the song ‘Barbados My Island of Dreams,’ against the backdrop of the beautiful seascape at Tiami Dockside on the Shallow Draught.  Ian Webster who is also a part of the trio performing the song was unable to attend.

Barbados My Island of Dreams was originally recorded by June Knight-Inniss, who holds the copyright to the song.  However, an excellent arrangement from well-known Producer, Ricky Brathwaite and new harmonies from this trio has given an extended life to another one of our iconic masterpieces.

For the big kick off of the 50th Anniversary of Independence Celebrations back on January 6, the ask of the artistes performing was to add their own flair to the iconic Barbadian songs on the cards for the evening.  The trio – Smokey, Spencer and Webster – lent their voices to the production with three songs and a medley, the first of which, ‘Barbados My Island of Dreams’, caught the attention of many and the suggestion was made to record it.

In commenting on the NCF’s involvement, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Cranston Browne remarked, “As a strict guardian of our heritage, the Foundation has as one of its key mandates the development of new ways to revive interest in what is uniquely ours for generations to come.  I would love to see our young musicians sampling from the icons of the past and creating fusions with genres like Spouge.”

Mr. Browne made a call to the deejays and radio personalities for regular airplay of all genres of local music, outside of the Crop Over and Independence seasons and not just in the Soca and Calypso art forms.  They are a number of recorded local artistes that can be featured on the airwaves and we should make a more consistent effort to do so, he added.

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