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2017 JCM Semi-finalists 13-18 Category


Scotiabank Junior Calypso Monarch in association with IGM Stage Lighting
Semi-finalists in the 13-18 Category

Asher Murrell

Name: Asher Murrell
Sobriquet: Dynamo
Song: Potential


Name: Adonica Shepherd
Sobriquet: Lady Nica
Song: Question Fa De Minister

Don-Ross Oliver

Name: Don-Ross Oliver
Sobriquet: Mr. Personality
Song: Save It Fa Me

Faith Murrell

Name: Faith Murrell
Sobriquet: Miracle
Song: I Now See

Teri Williams-Niles

Name: Teri Williams-Niles
Sobriquet: Sparkle-T
Song: This Golden Chain

Kereesa Chase

Name: Kereesa Chase
Sobriquet: Kereesa
Song: Cry For Syria

Kymorhi Trotman

Name: Kymorhi Trotman
Sobriquet: De Overcomer
Song: Save A Child

Raanan Hackett

Name: Raanan Hackett
Sobriquet: Raanan
Song: Who Tekking De Blame

Tinesha Drayton

Name: Tinesha Drayton
Sobriquet: Tinesha
Song: Clean Up De Caribbean


Quinn Prescott

Name: Quinn Prescott
Sobriquet: Quinn ‘P’
Song: Save Barbados

Liana Ifill

Name: Liana Ifill
Sobriquet: Liana
Song: Dream

Yahandje Daniel

Name: Yahandje Daniel
Sobriquet: Yahandje
Song: De Dream

Samara Murrell

Name: Samara Murrell
Sobriquet: Sammy-Jo
Song: Give Me A Chance

Trevon Callender

Name: Trevon Callender
Sobriquet: The Mighty King
Song: You Are Not To Blame

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