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2017 JCM Semi-finalists 7-12 Category

Scotiabank Junior Calypso Monarch in association with IGM Stage Lighting
Semi-finalists in the 7-12 Category


Name: Ayoka Greenidge Sobriquet: A-Glow
Song: De Big Stage

Emari Browne

Name: Emari Browne Sobriquet: Browne Star
Song: Don’t Pressure Me


Name: Casey Jemmott-Boyce
Sobriquet: KCB
Song: Believe

Elissa Callender-Springer

Name: Elissa Callender-Springer
Sobriquet: The Mighty Ballerina
Song: Building Character

Hannah Grant

Name: Hannah Grant
Sobriquet: Hannah Glow
Song: Friends

Markaila Walcott

Name: Markaila Walcott
Sobriquet: Sanshe
Song: Soft Drinks Sweet


Name: Joshua Blackman
Sobriquet: Joshua B
Song: K.A.I.S.O

Kayla Miller

Name: Kayla Miller
Sobriquet: Kay Starr
Song: You Can’t Cut My Tail

Keimani Deane

Name: Keimani Deane
Sobriquet: Master Kei
Song: A Child’s Plea

Kiara Carrington

Name: Kiara Carrington
Sobriquet: Mhizz Kibabba
Song: Bring Back The Love


Name: Kiara Griffith
Sobriquet: 7 Starr
Song: Slow Down


Name: Savir Browne
Sobriquet: De Rock
Song: Say A Prayer

Emmanuele Graham

Name: Emmanuele Graham
Sobriquet: Manni-Manni
Song: Slow Down

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