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2016 Scotiabank Junior Calypso Monarch Semi-finalists in the 13-18 category

Scotiabank Junior Calypso Monarch in association with IGM Stage Lighting
Semi-finalists in the 13-18 Category

Asher Murrell

Name: Asher Murrell Sobriquet: Dynamo
Song: Nice & Slow

Ranesha Cummins

Name: Ranesha Cummins Sobriquet: Confetti Song: Why Yah In Shock

Rickardo Reid

Name: Rickardo Reid
Sobriquet: RJ
Song: Barbershop

Adriana Mayers

Name: Adriana Mayers Sobriquet: Dria Mayae Song: Discrimination Is A Disease

Teri Williams-Niles

Name: Teri Williams-Niles
Sobriquet: Sparkle T
Song: Happy Birthday

Moesha Daniel

Name: Moesha Daniel
Sobriquet: Nubian Queen
Song: 9 Years

Kymorhi Trotman

Name: Kymorhi Trotman
Sobriquet: De Overcomer
Song: Beauty I’m The Beast

Raanan Hackett

Name: Raanan Hackett Sobriquet: Raanan
Song: Pick It Up

Tinesha Drayton

Name: Tinesha Drayton
Sobriquet: Tinesha
Song: Speak Out

Quinn Prescott

Name: Quinn Prescott
Sobriquet: Quinn ‘P’
Song: The Call

Raheem Taylor

Name: Raheem Taylor
Sobriquet: Raheem
Song: My Story

Kereesa Chase

Name: Kereesa Chase Sobriquet: Kereesa Song: Culture Remake

Chad Monplaisir

Name: Chad Monplaisir
Sobriquet: De MC
Song: Outta Love

Demiko Newton

Name: Demiko Newton Sobriquet: Lil D Song: Celebration

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