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Tuesday 19 June 2018
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Special Charter Combined Routes

The Barbados Transport Board is offering special charter combined route services from Kensington Oval on Saturday July 30, 2016 for patrons of the MQI/Mount Gay Pic-O-De Crop Final. The fare for this service is $5 per person. Buses will depart at Midnight bound for the following destinations –


* Martin’s Bay/Flat Rock/Bathsheba
President Kennedy Drive, Westbury Road, Passage Road, Country Road, Hindsbury, Waterford, Hothersal Turning, Lower Estate, Bournes Village, Locust Hall, St. Helen’s, Belair, Market Hill, Groves, Sweet Vale (Sweet Bottom), Redland, Claybury, Sherbourne, (turn around) Mount Tabor, Venture, Malvern, Hackleton Cliff, Edey’s Village, Clifton Hall, Allen Moore Corner,  Newcastle,  Martin’s  Bay,  St  Margaret’s Village, Glenburnie, turn Foster Hall, Andromeda Gardens, Bathsheba, Andromeda Gardens, St. Elizabeth Village, Joe’s River, Horse Hill, Blackman’s, Parris Hill, Andrews Factory, Groves

* Grazettes/Wanstead/Holders Hill/Rock Dundo/Rock Hall
President Kennedy Drive, Eagle Hall, Tudor Bridge, Spooners Hill, Long Gap, Grazettes, Cave Hill, Hinds Hill, Gordon Cumming Highway, Wanstead, Oxnards, Thorpes, Hoytes Village, Redman’s Village, Bennett’s, Highway 2A, St. Thomas Church, Orange Hill, Westmoreland, Upper Carlton, Rock Dundo, Black Bess, Rock Hall


* St Andrew’s Church/ Shorey Village/Jackson
President Kennedy Drive, Eagle Hall, Spooners Hill, Green Hill, Warrens, Jackson, Sharon, Shop Hill, Hillaby, Turners Hall, Bawdens, Walkers, St. Andrew’s Church, Douglin, Shorey Village, St. Andrew’s Church, Belleplaine, St. Simon’s


* Workmans/St. Judes/ Greens/Drax Hall//Society/Bowmanston
Tweedside  Road,  Fairfield,    My  Lord’s  Hill,  Belle,  Norman  Niles,  Salters,  Charles Rowe Bridge, St. George Church, Eastlyn, Ellerton,(Love Rock Corner) into Ellerton Housing Area, Waverly Cot & Buttals Tenantry, Brighton Plantation, Melverton, Bydes Mill, Halton Plantation, Chapel, Church Village, Government Industrial School, Padmore Village, Bushy Park Road, Gaskin Road, District C Police Station, Station Hill, Moncrieffe, Massiah Street, Society Plantation, Codrington School, Massiah Street, Rose Gate, Bowmanston


* Sugar Hill/Chalky Mount
President Kennedy Drive, Westbury Road, Passage Road, Country Road,  Hindsbury, Waterford,  Norman  Niles,  Hothersal  Turning, Carib  Rehab Ltd,  Bibby’s  Lane,  Proutes, Walkes Spring, Sugar Hill, Airy Hill, turn around Sugar Hill, Todd’s Corner, Chimborazo, Coffee Gully, turnaround point, Branchbury, Chimborazo, Mayer’s Corner, Todd’s Corner, Chimborazo, Melvins Hill, Upper Parks, Lower Parks, Dark Hole, Chalky Mount.


* Indian Ground/Boscobelle/Pie Corner/Josey Hill/Connelltown
President Kennedy Drive, Eagle Hall, Black Rock Main Road, Paynes Bay, Holetown, Lower Carlton, Road View, Speightstown Bus Terminal, Station Hill, Ashton Hall, Mile and A Quarter, Benn Hill, Pleasant Hall, Portland, Welchtown, Indian Ground, Roebuck, Four Hill, Prospect Road, French Village, Farley Hill, Diamond Corner, Castle, Gay, The Mount, Foster Funland, Centipede Alley, Baltic, Date Tree, Cave Hill, Pie Corner, Well Road, Lowlands, Chance Hall, Durhams, Rock Hall, Josey Hill, Mount Gay, Pickering, Spring Hall, Hope Road, Connelltown.


* Sam Lords Castle/Fairy Valley/Silver Sands/Bayfield
Bridgetown, Jemmotts Lane, Bay Street, Hastings, Worthing,  Top Rock, Maxwell, Oistins, Silver Sands, Wilcox Hill Providence, Pilgrim Road, Callenders, Grantley Adams Airport, Spencers, Rock Hall, Gemswick, St. Martins, Foul Bay, Kirtons, (Kirtons No3 some services) Heddings, Crane Beach Hotel, Belair, Sam Lord’s Castle, Long Bay, Shrewsbury, Merricks, Marley Vale Bayfield continue route to Bridgetown.


* St Patrick’s/Yorkshire
President Kennedy Drive, Westbury Road, Passage Road, Country Road, Roebuck Street, Tweedside Road, Pine Road, Collymore Rock, Wildey, Sargeant Village, Vauxhall, ABC Highway, Kendal Hill, Montrose, Water Street, Lodge road, Newton Park, Searles, Lead Vale, Fairview, St Patrick’s, Woodbourne, Six Roads, Mangrove, BWU Labour College, Casa Grande Hotel, Garrett Road, Oldbury, Gemswick, Airport, Charnocks 1, Charnocks 2, Waldron, Lower Greys to Bridgetown.


* College Savannah/Sargeant Street via Fortesque
President Kennedy Drive, Westbury Road, Passage Road, Country Road,  Roebuck Street, Tweedside Road, My Lord’s Hill,  Norman Niles,  Salters,  Charles Rowe Bridge, Valley, Walkers, Taitt Hill, Gun Hill, Gun Hill Signal Station, Newbury, Golden Ridge, Four Roads, Pool, Gall Hill, (travels within walking distance of St. John Parish Church), Cliff Cottage, Coach Hill,  Bath,  Sargeant  Street,  Codrington  College,  Sealy Hall,  Palmers  Corner, Fortesque, St Mark’s Church