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Reverence for Andrea

Andrea Gollop-GreenidgeThe management and staff of the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) paid reverence for Mrs. Andrea Gollop-Greenidge with a moment of silence at a staff meeting held on Monday, December 10th.

Mrs. Gollop-Greenidge was a part of the original team of Cultural Officers in 1973 at the newly formed NCF and was therefore a key part of the establishment of some of the cultural policies and standards in place today. The NCF’s developmental programmes, as well as the modern Crop Over and NIFCA Festivals were developed with her input and artistic design.

Those who would have joined the Foundation as young officers during her years of service remarked that she essentially adopted them and nurtured their careers, referring to them as her children.

Known for her exceedingly large network of contacts across Government and the wider Barbadian community, she was often a reservoir of information for these young officers when they needed a contact to find an artist or service provider, or solve any problem related to planning cultural events.

She was the resident Protocol Officer, with a great understanding of the Table of Precedence and the management any formal event where elements of protocol were critical. Some fondly remarked that she would not hesitate to chastise any young officer for not getting it right, but this was always delivered with a sense of humour and fun.

‘Miss Lou’ as she was affectionately known, had a phenomenal ability to recall people, their names, work assignments and general Barbadian family ties. She will be remembered by those who worked with her, for her considerable talent and flair for drama which she infused in every situation and relationship making it always eventful.

The NCF team offers sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of Andrea Gollop-Greenidge. Her light may be dulled by her passing, but Miss Lou’s spirit will remain aglow among those left behind at the NCF’s quarters and she will be greatly missed. Rest in peace Miss Lou!

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