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Tuesday 19 June 2018
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Play on Boo

The National Cultural Foundation (NCF) joins with the music and Calypso fraternity in mourning the loss of a man who has been a friend and inspiration to so many.

Adrian Husbands affectionately known as ‘Boo,’ traversed the corridors of the NCF for many years as the leader of the Party Monarch Band, as a Calypso Tent Manager and as a cultural practitioner with a genuine interest in seeing the positive development of the industry.

He will be remembered for his pioneering efforts in the evolution of the party monarch band as its first bandleader and the orchestrator of its transformation into the professional unit that it is today. He will be remembered for his outstanding contribution to the Calypso art form and as a founding member of one of the longest standing tents – the Headliners Calypso Tent. He will be remembered for his wit and for his invaluable input into the Crop Over meetings with stakeholder groups, and even when he was no longer physically involved, his voice could still be heard through his calls to individuals within the organisation, in an effort to offer his advice on sustaining the music industry and in particular the calypso art form.

As the many tributes can attest, ‘Boo’ provided that cohesive link between musicians past and present, a family bond that we dare say could also be felt by those who have played for and passed through the institutions of the NCF and the party monarch band. He was a true advocate of the cultural industries and he willingly shared his knowledge and experience not only in the music or Calypso arena, but also with marketing and communications.

‘Boo’ has made an indelible contribution to the Music, Crop Over and the Calypso Tent Fraternities. His passing will certainly leave another void in the cultural community, but we believe that a voice so strong will never be muted. He will live on in the memories, lives and spheres of interest he has impacted for years to come.

Farewell friend, rest in peace and rise in glory.