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NCF set to release digital comic book – ‘COVID COMIC’

The National Cultural Foundation has teamed up with Beyond Publishing Caribbean, a locally based production team, to launch a new digital comic series entitled, “Covid-Comic”.

Written by Reyda Gay with artwork by Tristan Roach, the series will debut April 29th 2020 on the NCF’s website (www.ncf.bb) and will also be shared on the NCF’s Facebook page.

Covid-Comic is a six-episode, edutainment series following events that unfold in three Barbadian households with two lovers, a stubborn old lady and a paranoid teen; not many people are practicing social distancing or observing the safety protocols recommended by the Health authorities when the first case of COVID-19 is detected on the island.

“The NCF is excited to partner with Beyond Publishing Caribbean on this project. These are challenging times for everyone. We are all forced to deal with the pandemic crisis in our own ways, and thanks to efforts of the Literary Arts, Marketing and Senior Business Development Officers, the NCF remains committed to creating and sharing content that will entertain and stimulate Barbadians of all ages and interests, via our digital platforms, while at the same time providing opportunities for the creative sector to both showcase their tremendous skills and continue to earn a living, however modest. This comic-series is another outlet for Barbadians on island and in the Diaspora to see themselves and some of their own realities being represented, even as we are physically separated due to the COVID-19 pandemic” said NCF’s CEO, Carol Roberts-Reifer. The creativity of the writer, graphic artist and editor must be acknowledged as work of a very high standard and I hope you both enjoy the story and live the messages therein.

The first five pages are expected to be released in e-book format on Wednesday, April 29 available on the NCF website (www.ncf.bb) and issued every Wednesday following a 6 week period culminating on June 3.

Last year, the NCF is partnership with Beyond Publishing Caribbean produced the comic series “How Hard The Times” based on a stage play written by Michelle Cox and Anthony Hinkson. [http://www.ncf.bb/how-hard-the-times-comic-written-by-michelle-cox/]. Both were coordinated by the Literary Arts desk at the NCF, managed by Cultural Officer, Ayesha Gibson-Gill


Enamoured by the creative world, Reyda Gay has been pursuing an artistic career from a young age. Her path has led her from theatre arts at Christ Church Foundation to Mass Communication at the Barbados Community College (BCC) and then cinematic arts at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Arts (EBCCI). At EBCCI, she developed a love for screenwriting, video editing and motion graphics. Her most noted work thus far is Beneath the Dock, a fantasy film involving the Barbados Landship. Reyda continues to work in the film industry, gaining experience on local and international film productions and is further specializing in screenwriting at Falmouth University.

Reyda Gay -YouTube Channel


Beyond Publishing specializes in the production and distribution of graphic novels. The company was established in 2009 and has flourished since then. Their team comprises of the Project Manager, Nigel Lynch, writer of the graphic novels Shades of Grey: Life and Death in Paradise and the Crossroads comic series, Matthew Clarke, artist of Hardears graphic novel and Tristan Roach, the artist of the Hardears and Crossroads comic series. Over the past ten years, the company has garnered numerous awards for its work, including an ADDY and NIFCA Literary Arts awards. Recently, the company was selected to produce a series of graphic novels for the United States Embassy, to highlight social issues affecting the Caribbean.

Beyond Publishing Caribbean Website

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