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NCF Organisational Structure

The Board

The Board of the National Cultural Foundation is responsible for the policy and general administration of the Foundation. Under the terms of the Act, the Board comprises not less than seven and not more than eleven persons appointed by the Minister. The Minister also appoints one of the members to be Chairman and another to be Deputy Chairman.

NCF Management

The Foundation has sixty-one (61) members of Staff separated into seven (7) departments, which cover the range of activities executed by the NCF: Administration, Cultural Development, Accounts, Plant and Equipment, Business Development, Marketing and Communications, Festivals and Events.

These departments are led by Managers who form part of the internal Management Team, headed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The Management Team

The Chief Executive Officer is appointed by the Minister and reports to the Board of the Foundation. He/she has overall responsibility for the implementation of policies which are laid down by the Board and also for the day-to-day operations and general administration of the Foundation. In addition to the Chief Executive Officer, the Management of the NCF comprises seven officers, namely:

Chief Cultural Officer (CCO)

The CCO assists the Chief Executive Officer with the implementation of all programmes of the National Cultural Foundation. She ensures that that all cultural, training and developmental programmes of the Foundation are implemented in the most efficient manner and co-ordinates and supervises all Cultural Officers in the execution of their duties. The CCO reports to the CEO on all operational aspects of cultural, training and developmental programmes.

Financial Officer (FO)

The FO implements and supervises the Foundation’s financial systems. He prepares the annual financial budgets based on the Foundation’s business plan and monitors variance analysis. He processes funds for payment of all contracts and manages bank accounts and bank relations. The FC implements and monitors financial control systems within the Foundation and its related entities. He co-ordinates the annual audit and submits to the CEO, reports in accordance with specified financial procedures for the NCF’s parent Ministry. The FC also supervises staff of the Accounting Department.

Manager Administration (MA)

The MA assists the CEO with the personnel function and supervision of the day-to-day operations of the Foundation. He/she administers the Foundation’s salary and benefit programmes, maintains personnel records, administers the NCF’s performance appraisal programme and advises the supervisors on human resources matters. The MA monitors the Foundation’s organisational structure and staffing and recommends any required changes. He advises the supervisors on the identification of training needs for their support staff and authorises in consultation with the Financial Controller, the purchase of supplies and services. His responsibilities also extend to sourcing and supervising security, maintenance and messenger staff.

Senior Business Development Officer (SBDO)

The SBDO supervises the operations of the Business Development Department. She identifies, develops and supports commercial and business opportunities locally, regionally and internationally for the Foundation and local cultural industries.

The SBDO makes recommendations to the CEO to assist in determining the Foundation’s business development programmes for promoting and facilitating the establishment of new cultural and entertainment enterprises. The SBDO is responsible for developing and maintaining good working relationships with publishing companies, record companies/producers, film companies and other commercial entities for the benefit of the cultural industries. The duties also include monitoring government regulations and administrative procedures affecting artistes in Barbados and recommend steps as necessary.

Marketing Officer (MO)

The MO plans, organizes and implements creative programming designed to influence the public favourably towards the Foundation’s products and services. The MO makes recommendations to the CEO to assist in shaping the Foundation’s marketing and public relations profile. The MO administers the Foundation’s approved marketing and public relations policies and programmes and informs, guides and assists in its implementation. In addition, the MO liaises with appointed advertising agencies as well as Government agencies and international events.

Corporate Communications Specialist (CCS)

The CCS promotes the Foundation’s image both in-house and externally. Her responsibilities include developing, maintaining and managing a corporate communications strategy for the Foundation. The CCS makes recommendations to the CEO in determining the Foundation’s public relations programmes for implementation. He also assists with the organization of special exhibitions, entertainment and social functions to promote goodwill and favourable publicity and liaises with the media and other agencies for ongoing campaigns.
His duties include overseeing arrangements for all press interviews, media events and representing the Foundation in dealings with the media.

Technical Officer (TO)

The TO provides the Chief Executive Officer with strong support in the production of the Foundation’s cultural events.

He advises the Foundation on purchases for maintenance and repairs in respect of the Foundation’s technical equipment and provides supervision of all technical areas for the Foundation’s theatrical and entertainment productions.

The TO liaises with and supervises all contractors in respect to work carried out on the Foundation’s Plant and Equipment. He also functions as the Supervisor of the Plant and Equipment department whose public profile is best appreciated in the many stages and tents set up for events across the island.

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