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Wednesday 15 August 2018
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Cultural Industries Symposium


The NCF’s Cultural Industries Symposium and Trade Show has been conceptualised in direct response to the significant trade imbalance that currently exists in terms of creative goods and services. We recognise that any attempts to redress this imbalance must focus on continuous business support and professional development and training opportunities, ongoing market research and serious attempts to move beyond the traditional ‘talk shop’ format to the practical development of new markets for our goods and services and new cultural products to feed these markets.

The measurable objectives of the event are as follows:

  1. High level discussion and dissemination of best practice in production, marketing and distribution of Barbadian cultural products and services, including the evolution of new creative enterprise and business models in response to shifting technological paradigms.
  2. Exhibition of high quality Barbadian cultural products and services
  3. Provide opportunities for cultural exchanges, partnerships, collaborations and global networking
  4. Marketing and export of Barbadian cultural products and services regionally and internationally
  5. Foreign exchange revenue earned through the sale of Barbadian cultural products.
  6. A completed broadcast-ready animated short film using cultural heritage to market Barbados as a premium destination and a market-ready mobile application focused on the heritage tourism market.

The Team

The Business Development Department, through its two officers – Senior Business Development Officer, Ms. Alison Sealy-Smith and Business Development Officer, Ms. Stacia Bryan – has an extensive knowledge of the cultural sectors; a broad and diverse network of artists and entrepreneurs and extensive project management and co-ordination expertise.

While this will be essentially a BDD initiative, the combined resources of the NCF, including the Cultural Development Department and the Festival and Events Department (responsible for mounting major national cultural events), will be deployed to ensure the success of the project.

We will also be working with Ms. Nancii Yearwood of DetailWorks who will provide crucial administrative support.


The NCF is proud to be lending our expertise and resources to this national endeavour and we are extremely happy that the process will be synergistic and intersectoral. In addition to the various areas of experience and expertise available to us through the NCF’s vast stakeholder network, we are pleased to be working directly with private sector partners, Mr. Phil Phillips (E-vision Concepts and Toon Boom) – Music and Animation; Ms. Oneka Small (Core Designs and Concepts) – Fine Art and Crafts.  We have also engaged the assistance of the Association of Music Entrepreneurs who, in addition to offering expertise which will ensure a world-class showcase for our market ready musical acts in our two mini music festivals, will also be researching and suggesting delegates from Brazil.

We are also proud to be working with public sector partners, BIDC, BTA, BTI and the National Council for Science and Technology.

The Barbados Investment and Development Corporation has joined forces with us and will be charged with the planning and execution of a top-notch music production workshop with leading international industry experts. As part of the technical assistance offered by BIDC, Ms. Teneille Doyle has been hired as a consultant and charged with sourcing sponsorships, presenters, workshop leaders as well as Brazilian buyers, investors and opinion shapers.  And BIDC, through the expertise of Dr. Sandra Browne, will team up with another private sector partner, Ms. Oneka Small of Core Designs and Concepts, to mount an innovative Fine Arts and Crafts exhibition.

The Barbados Tourism Authority has committed to sponsoring the flights of 8 delegates from Brazil and to hosting a tour of the island for our invited visitors.

We are working the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. and our parent Ministry on an Animation competition where the winner, in addition to a handsome cash prize, will have their entry of an animated virtual tour of Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison featured on the World Heritage website.

The Council for Science and Technology and Toon Boom (the world’s largest animation software company) have been approached for technical and financial assistance around the Animation and Digital Media Exhibit.

Presenters and workshop leaders are being sourced to cover the following areas:

  • e-commerce platforms
  • intellectual property rights management including the synchronisation rights so important to the Music industry
  • ICT including marketing and the digitisation of fine art
  • Animation and its applications in gaming, film and advertising

International delegates, primarily from Brazil, are being sourced from the following spheres of activity:

  • Government Cultural official – Facilitation and access to government sponsored events e.g. World Cup & Olympics
  • Gallery Owners – possibility of purchase and showcasing of Barbadian Art
  • Curator of Sao Paulo Biennale
  • Association of Interior Designers
  • Angel Investors
  • Music Event Promoter – Booking of Barbadian Artists in Festivals and other events
  • Top DJ/Top Radio Station Musical Director – Airplay to drive popularity
  • Record Label Head – Collaborations with Top Brazilian artists and possibly signing of Barbadian artists
  • Music Publisher – Exploitation of Copyright

The NCF is also working to secure the services of Mr. Andrew Senior of Andrew Senior and Associates (UNESCO consultant), specifically to assist with setting up contacts in the areas of music and visual arts with a view to opening markets in Brazil, and facilitating a delegation of potential Brazilian buyers. Mr. Senior has extensive experience in Brazil and also recently completed a UNESCO-funded programme for the Division of Culture in the Ministry of Family, Culture, Sports and Youth to develop strategies for entrepreneurship in the Cultural Industries and is therefore familiar with the realities of our local situation.

Contact has already been established with the relevant Embassies and Consulates and we are currently seeking support and technical assistance for the undertaking from these bodies.

This Cultural Industries Symposium and Trade Show is a timely and necessary step in the industrialisation of the cultural sector and the creation of an enabling environment for the earning of foreign exchange by our more market ready creative entrepreneurs.

The NCF is cognisant of the pressing need to constantly develop new markets for Barbadian music given that the global recession has led to shrinking economies and intense competition in existing markets. Efforts are already being made to connect with traditional Diasporic markets and our stakeholders have been part of initiatives which have seen some successful penetration of the North American Campus Circuit. The push that is needed now is into non-traditional emerging markets, especially those that have been proving to be more resistant to the damaging effects of the global recession. Brazil is a perfect example and every effort must be made to open up this potentially lucrative market that shares many cultural traits in common with Barbados.

We are also extremely aware of the need for new markets for Barbadian Visual Arts. These are necessary due to the exponential increase in both the quality and quantity of visual arts products which simply cannot be absorbed by a small and easily saturated local market. Our local market is largely driven by tourism but artists require other spaces and tastes to feed not only their entrepreneurial capacity for expansion but their artistic need to diversify their skills and creative capacity.

In tandem with the creation of new markets for existing goods and services, the NCF acknowledges the need to keep abreast of opportunities, developments and innovations in terms of creative products and business models within the newer technologies. We are particularly interested in the possibilities these technologies hold for job creation among Barbados’ youth as we seek to turn hobbyists into business people and ultimately into exporters.

The NCF’s Cultural Industries Symposium and Trade Show will attempt to exploit these opportunities and respond to current challenges and constraints by building on the success of the BOYA program, the research of the E-Culture Clinics, the experience of our many stakeholders and the expertise of specially invited expert presenters and consultants.

We respectfully request your support in this national endeavour, as we strive to reap optimal benefits and ensure that the 2013 Cultural Industries Symposium and Trade Show represents a significantly important learning, networking, showcasing and income-generating opportunity for Barbadian creative entrepreneurs.