COVID-19 Creatives Technical Assistance Grant (CCTAG) Application Form

COVID-19 Creatives Technical Assistance Grant (CCTAG) Application Form

Technical Assistance refers to grant funding for the development of new ideas and cultural products.


This application form contains the following:
Part A – Applicant Information
Part B – Technical Assistance Request Details
Part C – Use of Funds
Part D – Declaration

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**Completing an application provides no guarantee of receiving funding assistance.

**N.B Grants are not available for Equipment. Information on Technical Assistance Grants for equipment can be found at the following link :


2 PART B & C
PART A: Applicant Information
PART B: Technical Assistance Request Details
PART C: Funding Details
PART D: Declaration
I declare that I have read and understood the CCTAG Application Form.
I declare that the proposed application, creative / cultural project and /or any associated expenditure has been endorsed by the applicant's Board or person with authority to commit the applicant to this project.
I declare that the information contained in this application together with any statement provided is, to the best of my knowledge, true, accurate and complete.
I understand that the giving of false or misleading information will disqualify the application for a CCTAG grant.
I understand that I may be requested to provide further clarification or documentation to verify the information supplied in this form.
I acknowledge that if the NCF is satisfied that any statement made in an application is incorrect, incomplete, false or misleading, NCF may, at its absolute discretion, take appropriate action.
I agree to participate in the periodic evaluation of the services undertaken by NCF.
I declare that I am authourised to complete this form and to sign and submit this declaration on behalf of the applicant.
I agree to complete an impact assessment form as part my obligation to NCF.
I understand that accepting funding endows the NCF with the right to distribute the created digital content.
I approve of the information in this application. By including my name in this application it is deemed to be my signature for the purpose of this application.
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