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Bryden Stokes continues its investment in the STAG Jam Tune

Bucket of STAG - A man's beer!Bryden Stokes distributor of STAG Beer recommits to another three years for its title sponsored Foreday Morning Jam Tune.

Four years ago as a pouring rights sponsor of the Crop Over Festival, Bryden Stokes sought to further cement the company’s involvement with the Festival through the conceptualisation of the STAG Jam Tune, to recognise the most frequently played song during the Foreday Morning Jam. Their aim was to create the same kind of recognition of popular music for the Foreday Morning Jam as pertains during Grand Kadooment, and to allow the musicians and artistes to pursue another avenue for earning revenue during the Festival.

The STAG Jam Tune competition is open to soloists or duets only and some of the major eligibility requirements are: the song must be an original song that has not been entered in any previous years’ NCF produced competitions; it must be produced in Barbados and arranged or performed by a Barbadian; and it must not be deemed defamatory.  This year, also included as one of the requirements of the competition is a call for the use of indigenous, acoustic and/or percussive instruments as a dominant feature of the structure of the song.

Entries into the competition that meet the stipulations on the registration, will be eligible for judging at the Foreday Morning Jam.  A panel of tabulators selected by the NCF will be discretely positioned along the parade route to record the number of times each song is played by registered bands, similar to what happens for the Tune of Crop at Grand Kadooment. The song which is declared the most played tune by the tabulators will be declared as the winner of the STAG Jam Tune Competition.

On Friday, June 5th NCF officials announced an increase in the prize offering, thanks to sponsor STAG.   The winner of the competition will receive $5000 up from $4000 in 2014; $3000 will go to the second place winner up from $2500 and third place remains at $1000.  In the event that there is a tie in the competition, the prizes are combined and split between the two parties.

At the launch, Bryden Stokes represented by Mr. Geoffrey Evelyn, Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Shawn Taitt, Trade Activation Manager, encouraged artistes to take advantage of the prize by considering special road mixes for their songs to include the percussive and/or acoustic elements.

Since its birth in 2012 the STAG Jam Tune has had a tremendous response which has aided in the sponsor’s continued investment in and renewal of its contract.

STAG Jam Tune Registration Form

STAG Jam Tune Rules 2015

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