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About The NCF

National Cultural Foundation

National Cultural Foundation

About the NCF

The National Cultural Foundation (NCF) is a statutory body established by an Act of Parliament in 1983. Its mandate is to oversee the cultural landscape of Barbados.

Our Mission

To fuel the development of culture through training, research and the creation of opportunities in cultural industries.

The Role of the NCF

The NCF’s two major roles are: developmental and commercial. In its developmental role, the Foundation uses culture as a tool for national development, fostering and supporting the various art forms and new cultural products. In its commercial role, the Foundation is responsible for the promotion, production and hosting of cultural festivals and associated events.

A key part of this function now includes the responsibility for the staging and execution of major governmental and national events. In addition, as culture becomes more pivotal to national and international policy, the National Cultural Foundation continues to re-assess its responsibilities in light of all its functions.

FUNCTIONS of the NCF are:

  • To stimulate and facilitate the development of culture generally
  • To develop, maintain and manage theatres and other cultural facilities and equipment provided by Government
  • To organize cultural festivals
  • Assist persons interested in developing cultural expression.

OBJECTIVES of the NCF are:

  • To provide opportunities for Barbadian artists/artistes to showcase their talents with the end result being an increased demand for local work
  •  To educate Barbadians concerning their heritage
  • To offer Barbadians and visitors alike a high quality cultural product that informs, educates and entertains
  •  To equip our cultural workforce with technological skills and training to excel in their particular art forms
  •  To strengthen the local cultural product and in the process increase profits to the shareholders
  • To create high quality products that will be competitive on the local, regional and international markets
  • To maximize the role of the cultural sector in the tourism industry

The Foundation has an seven-member internal Management Team comprising the Chief Executive Officer, Manager of Administration, Chief Cultural Officer, Finance Officer, Marketing Officer, Senior Business Development Officer and Technical Officer.

NCF in its Early Days

In the first two years of its operation, 1984 and 1985, it was housed at Culloden Farm, St Michael and then relocated to West Terrace, St. James in 1986. It is currently housed in the two buildings specifically constructed for CARIFESTA 1981.

In 1984 and 1985, the NCF worked in areas of community development and culture at a time when the island was divided into seven zones. There were seven field officers, each of whom had responsibility for each zone. These officers were responsible for implementing development programmes in the communities of their zones, including coordinating Crop Over activities.

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